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5 Ideas on Using QR Codes

Marketers love QR Codes.  They’re free to create.  They can be tracked by either creating a special URL or using a QR Code tracking service.  They’re new and can make you seem tech savvy. The only problem is, in general, they have really low response rates.  This is usually because it’s just used as replacement for a website address.  But who really wants to use their phone to snap a QR code only to go to a company’s regular website? In order to get the most out of a QR Code, you need to give people a reason to use it and reward them with great content specifically designed to be viewed on a phone. Here are some ideas on how to do that. 1. Send them to your mobile website This is a no-brainer.  But if you have a website to be viewed specifically on mobile phones, send them there.  Do not send them to your regular website.  People do not want to look at your website on their phone.  If they’re interested in you, it’s easier just to remember a URL. 2. Provide specific product information Create special mobile-optimized web pages for each of your products and provide unique QR Codes for each.  If you have a store or at a trade show, put QR Code labels on all your products. 3. Show them a video promoting your company Note this isn’t necessarily your TV commercial.  That would be fine.  But you have the opportunity to do more.  It could be a longer format information video.  It could be a humorous video about your company/industry just for fun.  It could be a special tip video.  Be creative.  They took the effort to use your QR Code, so they’re interested in you.  Reward them for it. 4. Send them to a contact page to receive a gift and more information This is a great way to collect leads. 5. Give a reward if enough people use the QR Code If you’re at an event, you could run a contest: if enough people use the QR Code, you’ll give away free samples or have a special performance.