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12 Ideas on Marketing a Bank

ATM Slip Contests
On random ATM slips, print that they’ve won a free gift to reward them for being a customer.  Don’t promote it, just let people discover about it on their own to create a viral buzz.

Financial Tips Tweet
Open a twitter account with tweets on managing your money.

Do a FourSqaure promotion
Get a free gift, when you check into all of the branches in a certain area.

Pass out free money
For pure buzz and word of mouth, just pick a random day and hand out free $1 bills to everyone who comes in.

Do a reality webisode series of a real small business
Show how they are getting their financing and how they’re getting financially set up.  Could be a contest to select the featured business.

Offer small business seminars
Conduct a year-long course that helps small businesses on how to manage their business financially.

Instead of the standard bank calendar, create a financial planning worksheet calendar
Provides areas to enter their monthly budgets, savings goals, etc.

Give small businesses a banking kit
Provides small business planning guides on running their business financially sound.

Offer a Newborn Checking account to parents
Includes $50 to an IRA, if they sign up with the first 3 months of their birth.

Give a $50 bonus for college kids who sign up for both a checking and savings account
Much better than a free hat for signing up for a credit card.

Use QR Codes at ATM posters to direct them to your online banking site
To show them how easy it is to do online banking also.

Design financial inspiration posters
To be placed around the bank or given to customers