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10 Ideas for Marketing a Restaurant

Invite people to post photos of dishes on your Fan Page The photo with the most “likes” gets a complimentary meal. Create a calendar of your dishes, like a “food pin-up” Use it as a giveaway, fundraiser, or to sell. Create a special menu for a sports event Offer a set sampling menu of your best dishes at a discounted price for people who watch major sporting events at your place. Develop a video series of your chef preparing your signature dishes Show them the care and tradition that goes into making each dish. Develop a stamp card that includes all of your dishes Diners get a stamp for each dish they have. If they fill out the entire card, they get a free $100 gift certificate. Create referral coupons Pass them out to only your select best customers. The person who redeems it, gets 10% off their meal. The person who refers gets points for each referral, redeemable for complimentary meals. “Kim Chee Fried Rice” Night Offer a sampling portion of one of your signature dishes with each meal on a given night. Make a cookbook Highlight some of your signature dishes and offer them as a fundraiser for organizations. Send out postcards to homes in your area Use pictures of your best dishes. Make online photo albums of your dishes Place it on whatever social media you’re using Flickr, Facebook, TwitPic, etc.